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About Cibus

A pioneer in advanced breeding technologies, Cibus is leading the pivot to non-transgenic breeding.  


Since 2001, Cibus has focused on finding ways to feed a rapidly growing world population that is living longer than ever. As consumers look for all-natural, healthy options at the grocery store, Cibus fills market needs by providing beneficial traits, including higher yields and healthier oil profiles. Cibus has commercialized its first crop, canola, and is working to bring flax, potato, rice, and other key crops to market.



Cibus' first commercialized crop, SU Canola™, is sulfonylurea (SU) tolerant. The SU Canola system is the first advanced growing system introduced to the market in more than 20 years and is an excellent weed control option to growers. SU Canola is currently available in the United States and will soon launch in other major global markets.


Filling the market need for an effective weed-control package, Cibus’ new flax will be a glyphosate tolerant crop. It is expected to be launched in the United States within the next few years, and in Canada soon after. Cibus’ flax will be produced more quickly. It will offer a healthier oil profile and will serve as a good source of omega-3 oils.


Half of the world's population subsists wholly or partially on rice. Improving production in rice is, therefore, essential for global food security, and Cibus is meeting that need. Cibus’ new rice crop is expected to offer two unique and differentiated natural traits. These products are expected to be launched first in the United States and to follow soon thereafter in the major global rice markets.


By increasing genetic diversity, Cibus’ new potato crop will offer a potato resistant to disease, including the disease responsible for the Great Famine in Ireland. Black spot bruising and other cosmetic issues will also decrease. The potato crop will be launched first in the United States, and follow, thereafter, in the major global potato markets.

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